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Goodnight Photoville


We hope you had a blast at Photoville in Brooklyn Bridge Park this year! We’re so pleased you could join us for all the awesome and incredible things we’ve worked so hard to bring to you, but we have to wrap it up and ship those containers back to where they came from.

Thank you to everyone who helped to make Photoville New York’s Premier Photo Destination this year and to our 400+ photographers and partners who shared their stories.

Photoville Featured Exhibitions

Container Exhibitions

Housed inside (and out) of repurposed shipping containers, Photoville 2014 will present more than 50 photo exhibitions & outdoor installations in partnership with a carefully selected group of programming partners from around the globe. Addressing a wide range of issues, Photoville is a unique venue for photographers and audiences to connect through the power of visual storytelling.

One of the largest photographic events in New York City, Photoville offers a heady mix of curated exhibitions running the gamut from seasoned photojournalists and high-profile print publications, to graduate student showcases, and fine art practitioners.

Out & About in Photoville

Outdoor Exhibitions & Installations


Photoville goes beyond the boundaries of our shipping containers and with incredible installations and once again we’ll be taking over the Uplands of Pier 5 interactive happenings that brought visitors to interact with photography in totally new and unexpected ways.

Day-Time & Night-Time Programming



Night-time events in the Beer Garden

Narratively After Dark

Stories are all around us, constantly revealing themselves and evolving in unpredictable patterns and delightful disorder. They’re multidimensional and mysterious, taking on an increasing array of mediums and styles. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to portraying a life or an idea on paper or on the stage or screen, and so over the course of five evenings at this year’s Photoville, Narratively will create, curate and present a line-up of innovative programming that explores the state of storytelling and its unbridled potential to awe and inspire and affect change.

Smorgasburg at Photoville

Beer Garden

A mainstay and popular hangout for Photoville visitors and exhibitors, the BEER GARDEN is an integral part of Photoville – because no village is complete without a place for the community to get together, drink, eat, trade stories, share pictures, and view amazing work!