5:10- 7:10pm | Panel: Photojournalism in Flux: A Matter of Ethics or Context?

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5:10- 7:10pm | Saturday 9/28

Panel: Photojournalism in Flux: A Matter of Ethics or Context?

Featuring Nina Berman, Photographer at NOOR images and Associate Professor at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism; Meg Handler, Photo Editor, Editor at Large for BagNews; Stephen Mayes, Visual Entrepreneur; Spencer Platt, Staff Photographer/ Getty Images; Michael Shaw, Publisher, BagNews; and Jamie Wellford, Photo Editor/Curator

Presented by BagNewsNotes

The past year or so has been filled with controversy and debate about particular news images. An expert panel looks at key examples. The goal is to understand these debates less in terms of ethical breaches than the result of rapid shifts in aesthetics and technology and the continuing evolution of both social media and the online news/media market.

This presentation will take place in the Photoville Talk Area – located at the storefront of One Brooklyn Bridge Park at 360 Furman St Brooklyn, NY 11201.

BagNewsNotes is the only site dedicated 100% to visual politics and the analysis of news images. The BagNewsSalon is (primarily) an online discussion forum dedicated to reading pictures and understanding how the key social and political themes and events of our day are framed.